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Javed Ghamidi - Parents Rights Haquq-Ibad

Parents Rights Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Muslim Rulers Haquq-Ibad

Muslim Rulers Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Yateem ka Maal Haquq-Ibad

Yateem ka Maal Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Jelousy-Hasad Haquq-Ibad

Jelousy-Hasad Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Marriage Problems Haquq-Ibad

Marriage Problems Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Neighbor Rights Haquq-Ibad

Neighbor Rights Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Zakat and Charity Haquq-Ibad

Zakat and Charity Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Adabe Guftagu Haquq-Ibad

Adabe Guftagu Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Gharur, takabar aur Fakhr

Gharur, takabar aur Fakhr

Javed Ghamidi - Saas aur Bahu Haquq-Ibad

Saas aur Bahu Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - BadGumani Karna Haquq-Ibad

BadGumani Karna Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Timardaari Karna Haquq-Ibad

Timardaari Karna Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - NaHaq maal khana Haquq-Ibad

NaHaq maal khana Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Gheebat backbiting Haquq-Ibad

Gheebat backbiting Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Tanqeed karna Haquq-Ibad

Tanqeed karna Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Tasub se bachna Haquq-Ibad

Tasub se bachna Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Adal aur Insaf Haquq-Ibad

Adal aur Insaf Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Amanat ki Hifazat Haquq-Ibad

Amanat ki Hifazat Haquq-Ibad

Javed Ghamidi - Children Rights Haquq-Ibaad

Children Rights Haquq-Ibaad

Javed Ghamidi - Bange Dara With Ghamidi

Bange Dara With Ghamidi

Javed Ghamidi - Islam mayn Pardah Geo Talk

Islam mayn Pardah Geo Talk

Javed Ghamidi - Jinn, Jadoo aur Jadeed Zehan

Jinn, Jadoo aur Jadeed Zehan

Javed Ghamidi - Taqdir ya Tadbir

Taqdir ya Tadbir

Javed Ghamidi - Mazhab Life mayn Rukawat?

Mazhab Life mayn Rukawat?

Javed Ghamidi - Interest/Riba/Sood Kya hai?

Interest/Riba/Sood Kya hai?

javed ahmad ghamidi

Idiology Syed Abu Ala Modudi

Javed Ghamidi - Misc. Q-A - Ilm-o-Hikmat

Misc. Q-A - Ilm-o-Hikmat

javed ahmad ghamidi

Lal Masjid ka Waqya kyun hua

javed ahmad ghamidi

Shaitan ka Tasawar / Concept

javed ahmad ghamidi

Fine Arts, Music and Islam

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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is one of the best Islamic Scholors of this Era, he is different than other Scholars, he is open to discuss any Religious Debate. Though he is different in his point of view, and i think that his point of view is Correct on every Issue, anyone has the right to disagree to him. He spent his whole life in studying and learning, and obviously in teaching the Real Islam. There may be few points some may not agree to him, but mostly he is awesome, he has his own polite style of speaking, he has hold in Languages which makes him more great. He fully tries to satisfy to Questioner when Question is Asked. Also he had been studying Philosophy and Sufism. He has written many islamic books like Meezan, burhan, muqamat and Al-Bayan (Tafseer-e-Quran). Like Below FB page for more information.

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