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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Video - Bure admi ke peeche Namaz ?

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Video - Bure admi ke peeche Namaz ? - namaz prayer immamat imam salah fasiq

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Tags: Bure admi ke peeche Namaz ? Javed Ahmad Ghamidi namaz prayer immamat imam salah fasiq , Questions-Answers lecture video audio dars tv show debate discussion bayan meezan Quran Islam Fiqa imam deen islamic fiqah firqa book burhan shariah shariyat sunnah sunnat rasool nabi prophet.
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Kisi Bad-Aqeedgi wale shaks ke peeche Namaz ho jati hai - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

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Bure admi ke peeche Namaz ? - Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is one of the best Islamic Scholors of this Era, he is different than other Scholars, he is open to discuss any Religious Debate. Though he is different in his point of view, and i think that his point of view is Correct on every Issue, anyone has the right to disagree to him. He spent his whole life in studying and learning, and obviously in teaching the Real Islam. There may be some points we may not agree to him, but mostly he is awesome, he has his own polite style of speaking, he has hold in Languages which makes him more great. He fully tries to satisfy to Questioner when Question is Asked. Also he had been studying Philosophy and Sufism. He has written many islamic books like Meezan, burhan, muqamat and Al-Bayan (Tafseer-e-Quran). Like Below FB page for more information.

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