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HAROOT aur MAROOT kon the - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: haroot maroot nazool nazal ilam allah harut marut jadu
Insaan aur Jinn Makhlooqaat- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: insan human jinn iblees shaitan farishte angels adam
Insan-Jinnat aur Farishte- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: Insan human paradise angel Farishta man adam jinn
Jadoo aur Aaseb kya hai- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: Jadoo magic black asaib jinn
Jadu asal me kia hai- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jadu magic black magic haqeeqat reality
Jadu ka Asaan ilaj- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jadu magic ilaj allah pray ibadat namaz
Shaitan ka Tasawar / Concept- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: javed ghamidi tasawar concept shaitan evil shytan jinn
Jinno aur Insano ki Shadi- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jinn ghost booth mahlook insan human shadi nikah
Concept of Jinn / G A Parvez- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jinn ghost jinnat parvez parwez
Truth of Magic - Nafsi Aloom- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jinn jadu jadoo ghost devil shaitan magic mojza magician
Jinn, Jadoo aur Jadeed Zehan- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jinn jadu jadoo ghost devil shaitan magic satan haroot adam hawa iblis iblees heaven hell paradise
Reality of Jinn Creation.- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: jinn jinnat ghost devil satan shaitan bhoot rooh
2 Qaumi Nazria, Iqbal / Quaid- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: qomi qaumi nazria nazriyah nazryah iqbal quaid jinnah pakistan india nation
Quaid e azam Secular Pakistan- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: quaid e azam jinnah pakistan secular secularism
Ramzan mein Shaytan ko Qaid - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: Ramzan Roza Shaytan Satan Devil ramadan evil shaitan
Reality of Satan / Shaitaan- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: satan shaitaan devil iblees iblis shayateen
Shar aur Khair ki haqeeqat- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: shar khair evil satan shaitan devil Allah power good
Shetan ki Haqeeqat- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: shetan satan devil farishta angel jinn ghost evil
Iblees Farishta tha ya JINN ?- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: shetan satan devil farishta angel jinn ghost iblees
Shetan Insaan pe hamla- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: shetan satan devil insaan human havi hamla attack
Shetan Waswasa dal sakta hai?- Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: shetan shaitan satan devil waswasa iblees
TAGHOOT ka kia Matlab hai - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
Tags: taghoot shatan devil taqabar takabur taghut

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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is one of the best Islamic Scholors of this Era, he is different than other Scholars, he is open to discuss any Religious Debate. Though he is different in his point of view, and i think that his point of view is Correct on every Issue, anyone has the right to disagree to him. He spent his whole life in studying and learning, and obviously in teaching the Real Islam. There may be some points we may not agree to him, but mostly he is awesome, he has his own polite style of speaking, he has hold in Languages which makes him more great. He fully tries to satisfy to Questioner when Question is Asked. Also he had been studying Philosophy and Sufism. He has written many islamic books like Meezan, burhan, muqamat and Al-Bayan (Tafseer-e-Quran) Javed Ahmad ahmed Ghamidi Debate Discussion dars lecture books meezan bayan islam deen burhan geo tv aaj muslim audio video.

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